Bridge is not so much a stand alone world as it is a connection point for all the known realms.  Various portals and gateways tie it to other places, some in plain sight, others hidden, and still others accessible only to a chosen few.  It was created during the Great War by the gods Light and Dark and used as a staging and command center for those forces allied against Chaos.  

The sole building is a large, meeting hall style structure formed of black and white marble with various inlays of gold, silver, and onyx throughout.  In various places both within and without are life size statues of the races that fought in the Great War and fine tapestries of key events decorate the walls.  Soaring arches frame out the cathedral ceiling, leading to the massive doors set at the cardinal compass points in each of the walls.  Beyond each set of doors are wide platforms lined with more statutes, each bearing a lantern to break up the eternal fog that wreaths the building.  At the end of each platform is a series of stone gateways that disappear into the swirling clouds.

At the conclusion of the Great War Bridge was largely vacated, mostly used only as a neutral meeting place for the gods or for those realms negotiating treaties.  The gods left its care and maintenance in the hands of a small, but trusted group of guardians.  Those who visit are sometimes greeted by the guardians and are sometimes simply watched from afar.