A (Not So) Silent Walk in the Woods

From the 2018 Christmas Collection..


As I mentioned in the New Year’s post, this is the mini comic I included with the Christmas Collection I gifted to Nezu.  I’ve always found drawing comics to be somewhat intimidating.  Getting the layout right, filling in all those boxes, making sure the story flows correctly – it’s just not something I’ve ever really been able to wrap my head around very well.  Add to that all the negative thoughts in my head about not having art good enough to make into a comic, blah blah blah, and any thoughts I had of doing it became a non-starter.  This mini comic is just that – three pages, panels of both backgrounds (trees!) and people (including hands and feet, which I struggle with so much), and a little story line (even if silly) to tie it all together.   It may be short and silly, but I did it despite the negative head noise and I’m pretty damn pleased with myself.  So yay me and let’s see if I can come up with anything else this year.

[Roin belongs to Nezumi.  Arch belongs to me.]

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