Story Hour : Bridge : The Stormriders


The Stormriders are a long-lived (1000+ years) race created by Light who move freely through the realms.  They are storm elementals whose wild games and pursuits of happiness cause hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, and thunderstorms.  

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birthday playdate

When the weather in February tops 70 degrees, opportunity must be seized and dolls taken out for photos.  As I mentioned in the last post, it was also Zeph’s birthday, so Tiny!Zeph got a photoshoot, too, with special guest appearances by Jun Plushie and Mr. Duck.

Tiny!Zephyr is a Fairyland LittleFee Chiwoo.  Aesthetics, froggy hat, clothing, blanket, and Jun Plushie by Nezumi, and eyes from Souldoll.

white-gold birthday

Yesterday was Zephyr’s birthday, so we headed outside for a photoshoot.  It’s hard to believe that a bit over ten years ago he arrived home, my outgoing, fiercely protective, somewhat unpredictable Dark Selestarri teenager.   He’s grown a lot in that time, sometimes in ways that I had never anticipated.  In the Streifen backstory, Zeph was a bed-hopping, hard partying kid with little interest in authority or rules.  As the story transitioned into the rps, he met Jun, and before he’d fully realized what has happening, he fell fast and hard.  Everything he’d known or believed about relationships was turned on its head, and he committed his heart fully, surprising many of those who knew him (including me).

Ten years has passed quickly, but no matter how many tick by, I will always love this boy.


Zephyr is a CP Delf Type 2 WS Chiwoo.  Aesthetics and scarf by Nezumi, bolero from Crobidoll, eyes from Souldoll, tank and necklace are gifts from his boyfriend, and the belt he’s had so long that I can’t recall where it’s from ^__^


The ongoing story lines and RPs are large, detailed events that play out over several months (in story time) and often several years (in real time).  In between all that writing, there is often the opportunity to write little sidefics or one-offs regarding behind the scenes events or delving into an individual character’s thoughts about what’s currently happening or how they feel about other characters, etc.  I’ve written several over the past sixteen years that I’ve worked on Streifen and will begin posting them up as I go through folders and organize things in advance of the upcoming reset.

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Sashi | FE 20


As I stated back in the introduction post for Streifen (and also well explained in Nezu’s post detailing our RPs), there are many story arcs that take place in the future (titled as Future Effects (FE)) or in alternate universes (titled mostly as AU in sequential order of their writing or in the case of the AU4, as Rebirth).  Since many of the involved characters have different looks and backgrounds depending on the FE or AU story, I will likely post multiple profiles for those characters.

Leading off is Sashi with his FE 20 profile.

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